Your privacy is important!  Information you provide via email or by signing up for a listing at is never sold or furnished to third parties.  Please note that information displayed on your listing at, or any other web site, may be collected by others and used for marketing or other promotional purposes.  This is true of ANY web site where your personal data (address, telephone, email) is displayed.

I will never email you requesting to verify or asking you to submit sensitive personal information such as credit card or checking account information.  If you should ever receive such an email that appears to have originated from, please forward it to me.  As a general rule of thumb, never submit sensitive date such as credit or account numbers via email.  For general Internet safety tips, visit:

If you have received an email, and you do not wish to receive any future emails from me, simply reply to the email with REMOVE and your email address in the subject line.

Thank you, Chris

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